Tree Care & Pruning Services in Eccleston

We are experienced tree surgeons and can undertake any tree pruning, trimming or reduction work in Eccleston or the surrounding areas.

Pruning trees may be necessary for a variety of reasons. Overgrown branches, for example, may crowd other specimens and make things appear untidy, as well as restrict essential light from reaching other trees, shrubs, plants, and even your garden space. Another reason to prune your tree/trees is to remove heavy branches that could be damaged by wind or simply by their own weight. Maintaining your trees will help you avoid damage from severe winds and storms.

Tree pruning, also known as tree trimming or tree cutting, is the right term for the removal of any live parts of a tree. To provide the tree with the best opportunity for healing the ensuing wound, it should be done with a branch collar. Pruning can be done in a number of different ways.

Tree Crown Cleaning

Dead and decaying wood must be removed, as well as stumps, broken or badly cut branches and undesired epicormic shoots. Crown cleaning can also entail removing problematic climbing plants like ivy or foreign objects like wiring.

Tree Crown Lifting

Lower branches are cut to raise the crown, which is the tree’s whole branch arrangement. Because light can then come in below the tree, this is a highly effective solution for large garden trees where shade is a concern.

Tree Crown Thinning

The crown density is reduced by removing specific branches from the whole crown, while the tree’s general shape and size are retained. If a considerable structural weakness in the stem or large branches is discovered, this is usually done as a weight reduction procedure. It’s also done to prevent damage from crown resistance to high winds, as well as to let more light through a tree.

Tree Crown Reduction & Reshaping

The crown is reduced in size without compromising the tree’s shape. This is a highly skilled job that frequently involves a pruning technique known as “drop-crotching.” It’s done to reduce the weight of potentially dangerous trees, but it can also be advantageous if trees are blocking or harming structures or electricity lines.

Tree Pollarding

Tree pollarding is a management technique that involves removing the primary leading stem of a young tree to facilitate regrowth. The resulting regrowth can then be periodically removed (re-pollarding) to the same point (the pollard head).