Tree Removal Services

We are a team of professional tree surgeons in Leyland, providing the highest-quality service at affordable prices.

Tree Removal is often considered a last resort. Whether a tree is dead, diseased or dangerous then removal is the right option.

Often trees can be unsuitable for there location for example to close to a building or property or just simply blocks out too much sunlight, then removal is the way to go.

Trees can also cause unforeseeable property damage from beneath causing subsidence damage (roots blocking service pipes or in severe case shifting building walls) so removal should be considered.

Trees within an urban environment that are close to buildings, phone lines, fencing or prized flower beds, cant just simply be chopped from the bottom (felled). They will require climbing and dismantling using specialist rigging techniques that only a trained and experienced Arborist can carry out.

Removal of all waste, woodchip and logs are included within this service, unless you request to keep them, To use for your log burners or flower beds.