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Tree Care Extraordinaire is a family-run business owned by myself, Harry Watkinson. Based in Leyland, Lancashire, we concentrate on offering trustworthy and high-quality tree services to both residential and commercial customers around Eccleston and the surrounding areas.

We strive to provide the highest-quality service at a reasonable cost. The lopping, topping, pruning, and falling of trees and shrubs, as well as the removal of unhealthy trees, stump removal, hedge and shrub trimming, and any other tree services you require, are all included in our extensive list of tree care services in Eccleston.

We can provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation for any tree-related services that you require. We are also happy to offer assistance on resolving any tree concerns you may have based on our knowledge and experience.


Our Tree Care Services


Tree Care & Pruning

Being professional tree surgeons in Eccleston, we guarantee that we will provide very high-quality tree pruning services and leave your tree looking great.

Depending on the situation, we offer a range of different tree pruning services including crown cleaning (removing broken or diseased branches), crown thinning (increasing air movement and light penetration as well as reducing weight), crown reduction (clearance from a building or large object), crown raising (creating vertical clearance and increasing height of the tree) and crown restoration (patching up damaged trees to help them get back to their former glory).

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Tree Reductions

We are very experienced in carrying out tree reductions around Eccleston. All of our work is to British Standard 3998. We are more than happy to help you reduce the height of your trees to maintain and keep your tree healthy, depending on the species.

We are able to carry out all of the main types of reduction work including tree crown lifts, tree crown thinning and more.

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Tree Removal & Tree Felling

Tree removal or felling can be very dangerous if done incorrectly. Having your tree carefully removed by experts that are experienced is the safest way to remove a tree. We are fully qualified and insured tree surgeons based in Leyland that provide our services to customers in Eccleston and nearby areas.

We have years of experience and the technical tree knowledge needed to help remove trees in confined areas or near houses. We promise that we will take the upmost care and precision to take your tree down safely and efficiently.

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Tree Surveys & TPO Applications

Every homeowner has a duty of care to make sure that their trees and kept in a safe and non-hazardous condition. At Tree Care Extraordinaire, we offer professional tree safety inspections and can give you a detailed tree safety report.

We also communicate with local authorities and can apply for permission if your tree/trees don’t currently have TPOs.

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Stump Grinding & Treatment

Stump grinding is carried out after a tree is removed, more often than not you the client would like to use the space that was once occupied by said tree. So removal of that pesky stump is a must.

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Hedge Reductions & Maintenance

If you would like advice on what species of tree would be best suited for your garden/ property and would like us to plant it for you we have the knowledge and skill to carry out the work.

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Have a project for us?

If you would like to find out more about any of the tree surgery services listed above, or services not listed on this page and live around the Eccleston area, please get in touch. We cover Leyland, Eccleston, Croston, Euxton, Buckshaw Village, Chorley, Manchester and the surrounding areas. For a rough idea on pricing, read through our guide on how much do tree surgeons cost?


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