Tree Reduction Services in Eccleston

We are experienced tree surgeons and can undertake any tree pruning, trimming or reduction work in Eccleston or the surrounding areas.

The process of reducing the tree’s upper canopy is called crown reduction. This can be done to increase the amount of light that comes into a home or to lessen the growth of a tree that is becoming a problem.

Crown reduction is recommended over entire tree removal since it results in a more clean, compact shape. At Tree Care Extraordinaire, we carry out tree reductions for customers all over Eccleston and the nearby areas.

Full canopy reductions are carried out to reduce the overall height of a tree and reduce the spread of the trees canopy. This is usually carried out in metres/ft or percentages.

For example you would like your tree reduced by 2 metres all round. Or you would like to reduce your tree by 30%.

Reduction are carried out to keep a tree at a certain Height or to allow sunlight to pass over

Hazard elimination Individual branches may be reduced to lessen the chance of branch failing due to having a heavier end, caused by to much leaf foliage.

Trees can also be reduced away from buildings and property.

Before Reduction

After Reduction