Stump Grinding or Treatment Services

We are a team of professional tree surgeons in Leyland, providing the highest-quality service at affordable prices.

Stump grinding is carried out after a tree is removed, more often than not you the client would like to use the space that was once occupied by said tree. So removal of that pesky stump is a must. This task is carried out by, ‘yes you guessed’ it a stump grinder. Stump grinders come in various sizes so no matter the location or the size of the stump we have the right grinder for your stump.

Stump treatment is much less invasive and eco friendly way of dealing with stumps. It involves the use of stump plugs, a small capsule filled with a pesticide specifically designed to speed up decay and eradicate the chance of regrowth. Many species of trees are incredibly resilient and even after removal can continue to grow from the stumps this is where stump treatment should be carried out to eliminate these possibilities.